EVP for Appraisers

Keeping Human Intelligence At The Center of Property Valuation

Our Commitment to Appraisers

We believe appraisers are the center of our industry. Technology cannot replace the years of first-hand expertise appraisers bring to every property valuation, but we hope it can help save you valuable time.

EVP Eval allows appraisers to operate at their highest and best use. With EVP’s valuation solutions, appraisers can provide accurate, certified reports to lenders nationwide.

Let us help you grow your business, starting today.

Even Low CU Score Appraisals Can Jeopardize Your Work

Fannie identifies data integrity issues, even in appraisals with CU scores under 2.5.

Busting Appraisal Myths

Our understanding or interpretations of USPAP do not make them true.

The Changing Appraisal Industry

Change can be interpreted as one of two things: a threat or an opportunity.


I’ve been an appraiser for over 30 years. When I first heard about EVP and how they were doing things, I was skeptical. After meeting Drew in person and him walking me through their process, I couldn't imagine doing appraisals any other way.

Gary Wolfsberger

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